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Legal Disclaimers 

This website is being made available to provide general information on BioVitamine and its products. The generally accessible pages do not contain any medical advice.

Website users acknowledge that use of the website and of the pages linked with it is entirely at their own risk and that neither BioVitamine nor any another party involved in the compiling of the website will accept liability for direct, indirect or consequential damage of any kind.

Whilst BioVitamine endeavours to ensure that the information provided is correct and current, any liability on its part in terms of the completeness and accuracy of the information on these pages is expressly or implicitly excluded.

BioVitamine website also contains links to other internet sites. Since BioVitamine has no influence whatsoever on the contents of these pages, any liability whatsoever arising from it will also be rejected.

All information on this website is owned by BioVitamine. You must not use this information without prior written consent from BioVitamine.

We reserve the right to change the contents of this website without prior notification. No liability whatsoever will be accepted for any consequences arising from changes of this kind.

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