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Good Products Need the Best Ingredients

That is why we monitor our raw materials as they are growing


Our source materials comply with current guidelines concerning the cultivation of medicinal and other plants. This includes our knowing where each plant originates, on what day it will be harvested, the weather conditions during harvesting, and whether it will be harvested manually or, in the case of larger quantities, by machines. For many years we have built up nurturing close relationships with our supply partners. The majority of them are specialist arable farms or cooperatives, which provide a shared infrastructure on behalf of several agricultural businesses. As part of our regular on-site audit activity, we ensure that our requirements are complied with in terms of the conditions for cultivation, plantation care and harvest.

In addition, we attach great importance to sustainable cultivation and harvesting. This includes sharing our expertise with our global partners, and through this collective knowledge, contributing to future generations. Furthermore, our partner companies are audited by neutral organisations at regular intervals. In this way, we ensure that issues such as sustainable occupational health and safety, remuneration, careful handling of resources and other social aspects are taken into account.

  Only the full strength of the plant or herb unfolds in our active ingredients  

Small pills  ̶  big side effects. Classic drugs often produce a great number of adverse effects, apart from the desired one. On the other hand, active ingredients from plants are usually without side effects and unfold the full strength of the plants. In order to preserve this forceful mode of action, the plant is gently extracted so that no ingredients are lost. For all the plants we process, we know their origin, growing conditions, weather conditions for harvesting and even the time of day at which they were harvested. So with our active ingredients you have the guarantee that they work and that this can also be completely documented.


Quality Assurance as a Basis


At BioVitamine, special attention is given to quality assurance and quality control. BioVitamine sets the highest standards in terms of reproducible process controls and, of course, consistent compliance with GMP guidelines. Regular tests before, during and after the production processes guarantee a constant high quality. The works have several laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instruments and outstandingly well trained specialist personnel.

Transparent process chains, from cultivation of plants right through to the end product, are the foundation of continuous quality at all stages. Freshly harvested plants and drugs (dried medicinal plants) are processed without exception in our own production sites. After thorough checking upon delivery, these controlled raw materials are processed using gentle methods. Advanced technological development means a great deal to us. Production is manifestly state-of-the-art and can therefore satisfy the extremely high quality requirements of industrial customers as well as the needs of drugstores and pharmacists for high quality specialities. An example of our state-of-the-art technology is the percolation system. BioVitamine employs a four-stage system for this extraction process, which guarantees highly concentrated extracts with reproducible process control.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and supreme demands on chemical engineering pave the way for reproducible process management. The quality control includes defined in-process controls and final lab analyses. The production stages comply with cGMP guidelines.

All employees are regularly trained and have the appropriate education and training for  the manufacture of herbal products. BioVitamine produces in compliance with the WHO (GACP), PIC (cGMP), Swissmedic and IMO guidelines in terms of the area of bio-extracts.


With state-of-the-art equipment at every production stage, BioVitamine’s quality control safeguards the quality requirements according to currently valid pharmacopoeias (HAB, DAB, Ph. Helv., Ph. Eur.) and food guidelines. As regards quality, we are a reliable partner for our customers, from production to quality assurance. cGLP as well as validated methods according to ICH guidelines are standard at BioVitamine..


Development as a Core Competence


Very promising projects in research & development as well as a great deal of successful launches of our own developments are the result of many years of specific work. Our specialists closely collaborate with an international network of various different universities and colleges. These scientific joint ventures guarantee constant innovation and improvement in the area of our products and services.

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