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Good Products Need Best Ingredients  

That is why we monitor our raw materials as they are growing
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From selected botanical ingredients to innovative natural solutions


Founded at 2015, BioVitamine has been proudly processing more than 200 plants into finest quality botanical extracts.

We know the plant characteristics precisely and use the gentlest methods to coax the specific mechanism of action from the medicinal herbs. From the procurement of the fresh plant to delivery of the finished speciality, we leave nothing to chance. Careful selection of the raw materials is essential. Medicinal herbs grow in natural locations, are harvested at ideal times and are immediately processed fresh. 

Origin, cultivation type, harvest time and delivery routes play an important role and are precisely recorded. The plants undergo various test procedures and have to comply with the strictest requirements in terms of quality – for consistently high quality and safety. Hence every plant delivery is tested for freshness, identity, active ingredient content, residue from pesticides and bacteriological purity, before being further processed. Only if the plant material complies with all the requirements will further processing take place. Several laboratories are available with state-of-the-art analytical equipment for these demanding tests. The extraction techniques used are specifically adapted to the particular plant material, while preserving the sensitive active ingredients.

As a manufacturer of natural remedies, our company is approved by Swissmedic, the Swiss Health Authorities and operates according to international quality standards. BioVitamine has organic certification as a manufacturing company and is hence authorized to manufacture organic products according to legal guidelines.

Technology in Harmony with Nature 


Kosher Certified


Allergen, Gluten, Lactose, Melamine, GMO Free


COSMOS Approved

Seed To Supplement 





We monitor our raw materials as they are growing. For many years we have built up nurturing close relationships with our supply partners. The majority of them are specialist arable farms or cooperatives. As part of our regular on-site audit activity, we ensure that our requirements are complied with in terms of the conditions for cultivation, plantation care and harvest.


BioVitamine sets the highest standards in terms of reproducible process controls and consistent compliance with GMP guidelines. Regular tests before, during and after the production processes guarantee a constant high quality. The works have several laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art analytical instruments and outstandingly well trained specialist personnel.


Production is manifestly state-of-the-art and can therefore satisfy the extremely high quality requirements of industrial customers as well as the needs of drugstores and pharmacists for high quality specialities.

All of our employees are regularly trained and have appropriate education and training for  the manufacture of herbal products.


Our facilities are technically state-of-the-art.


The process technologies used are maceration, digestion, turbo extraction, percolation, ion exchange, vacuum evaporation, vacuum drying and steam distillation. 


Experience, knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities make us a leading supplier of plant and herbal extracts and the specialities derived from them.

BioVitamine develops and produces innovative products, which actively contribute to the preservation and maintenance of good health and quality of life.

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Gewerbestrasse 12

4123 Allschwil SWITZERLAND

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Quality and Diversity

We carry everything out ourselves. This is the only way to ensure complete control over all the manufacturing steps and at the same time provide challenging and varied jobs in the region. Our partners in sales are pharmacies and drugstores, which employ trained staff with in-depth specialist knowledge and who can give you the best advice. BioVitamine products are reasonably priced, allowing us to continue manufacturing uncompromising high-quality products to the highest technical standards for you in Switzerland.

One of BioVitamine’s strengths is demonstrated by the range of products on offer and the flexibility in production. This makes it possible to cover the need for small quantities as well as the demand for high-quality extracts in the processing industry. Nowadays, besides the classic drugstore and pharmacy, well-known pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics companies at home and abroad are also included in BioVitamine’s loyal customer base.

Our own production of extracts and derived finished products offers the advantage of being able to work efficiently and hence cost-effectively without trade intermediaries. A further advantage is that BioVitamine has control over all production steps - from fresh plant to finished medicinal speciality. The lean organisational structure enables BioVitamine to react quickly to market requirements.

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Regional Offices and Affiliates 



334 Rue du Mourelet,
84000 Avignon


Am Klopferspitz 19
82152 Planegg/Martinsried



229-2 Araocho, Ogaki City,

Gifu Prefecture


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